Author Topic: Northeast Pride Tryouts ages 8-2019 grads for regional and national teams  (Read 117 times)


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Northeast Pride Baseball will be hosting tryouts for ALL 2018 age groups. We will have teams based in NY!

December 16th at The Yard Sports Village in Warwick, NY

Looking for players for youth tournament travel teams ages 8u-12u

Also for our College Prep 13u-14u

As well as our Regional & National Nike Select & Scout Teams ages 15u-18u

Ages 8u-12u start at 9am
Ages 13-18u start at 10am

Tryout cost is $25 per player

Pre-Register online at www.nepridebaseball.com or email nepridebaseball@gmail.com for more info

Over 50 college commitments in just the past 3 years!

The Yard Sports Village
122 State School Rd
Warwick, NY


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